Our team provides every customer with professional and dependable logistic services. Customer service, transparency, customer satisfaction & effective communication are the pillars of Stegall Transportation™. We dedicate our working lives to the needs of our customers and we partner with the most reliable carriers who offer competitive rates and are in alignment with our customer satisfaction standards for freight shipping. 



  • Superior Logistics

    “ Stegall Transportation is a superior logistics company. They take care of clients with great attention to detail and were able to solve complex shipping problems. We highly recommend using this company for freight shipping needs..” – Chris Lengyel

  • Oustanding Service

    "With a transparent approach, and outstanding customer service, we will rely on this company for all shipping solutions.” – Jenny Ortega

  • Honest and Hardworking

    “Finding honest, hardworking people like Stegall Transportation
    now, is almost impossible to come by. They walked us through every step of the process and were able to help us avoid extra fees by shipping our products a different way..” –Jose Ramos